Three Most Ridiculous Sunglasses for Women

YURI Sunglasses

People use sunglasses for various reasons; the most obvious one is to look cool. One way to look cool is to look different; this is why we see a lot of ladies especially the celebrities wearing those weird looking sunglasses. A good pair of rimless sun goggles isn't enough anymore. No, there are a number of good brands competing against each other to bring out the most ridiculous sunglasses to cater to the needs of all such people. Some of them are so weird looking that an ordinary person in his/her right senses will not even try it on, but there is no shortage of people out there who look for such items - the attention grabbers.

Well, let us start at looking them one by one and find out which one is the weirdest of all.
1. “YURI” Sunglasses from Mykita Eyewear
These sunglasses have been designed by Romain Kremer and are inspired by the late soviet space pioneer and cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. The shape and size of the Mykita is so big that it covers half of your head and you could only see through the small holes in front of your eyes. When you wear these sunglasses it will look like you have come all the way from a space ship. To give them a seal of weirdness, Lady Gaga has worn them on several occasions and this is the reason they are gruesomely popular in the groups who want to look ridiculous. If you want to look like an interplanetary insect queen or newsworthy pop star, you can also have a try. One good reason to wear these weirdoes is that give a good protection to your head and your eyes. What's more strange and weird about them is that the Yuri sunglasses come is ridiculous colors like dark oranges and full black, making sure that there is not point left in making you look like an alien.

2. Linda Farrow’s Beak Sunglasses
I am sure you would not have seen sunglasses having a small beak making your look like a duck. Thanks to the brains behind it, Linda Farrow was able to design these eye-popping glasses. These are also one of the favorites of Lady Gaga. Besides just giving you the weird look that you are looking for, the Linda Farrow Beak sunglasses will make sure that you nose is protected at all times even when you are playing soccer or taking a sunbath lying on the beach.

3. Ann-Sofie Back’s Dripping Sunglasses
These sunglasses rank third in our list of the most ridiculous sunglasses for women. Designed by Anna Ter Haar and marketed by the designer Ann-Sofie these sunglasses look like as if the glass in them is melting away giving you a strange look that you are looking for.

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