How to Throw an Affordable But Fun Sleepover Bridal Shower Party

Bridal showers are usually held in bars, clubs, hotel rooms, party venues and a whole lot of places that will require you to spend quite a lot of money. However, you don’t have to follow the norm all the time especially if you don’t have huge budget to work with. If you’re the maid of honor of your best friend since forever, you probably already know the soon-to-be bride pretty well. You would know if she’s the type who doesn’t need all these male strippers and bottomless cocktails all night. If you think she’d rather have a wholesome party, a sleepover bridal shower party would be a great idea.

You can hold the sleepover right in your bedroom or you can even rent out a hotel room for the night. The important thing is you make sure that your best friend is happy and she gets a bridal shower that she will forever remember. Remember that this night is very important because this is the last party she can celebrate while she’s single – make it a memorable one! The pressure is truly on because as the main party organizer, the success of the party is in your hands.

Make Lists

We’re not talking about just one list – you need quite a lot of lists to make this party awesome. First, you need to come up with a guest list. Remember that aside from you, your best friend has other friends. She may have friends that you’re not exactly friends with but you have to invite them. So this means you probably wouldn’t want to have that bridal shower in your bedroom. However, you can make it more intimate by inviting just the bridesmaids. Make a list of the people involved then get in touch with them right away. You must not require them to do things or make contributions but you can ask them if it’s okay with them to be assigned for something for the party. Perhaps one can be assigned with games, the other can bake a cake, another bridesmaid can bring the drinks and so on.

Plan Things to Do

If it’s a sleepover party, you must make sure you have enough things to do all night aside from eating, drinking and playing games. It’s not like you’ll be going home after midnight – you are practically in that room until the next day! Yes, you will be sleeping but really, you don’t want your best friend to just sleep all night on what should be the best bridal shower ever. Bring out all your nail polish and nail spa tools so you can have a pampering session. Get your hair stuff out, such as your hair dryer from Oomphed!, your straightener and curlers. Your hair dryer is not only for the hair though, you can even use it to dry nails after polishing!

Great Food and Great Drinks

Your party will be a guaranteed success no matter where you plan on throwing it for as long as you serve great food and drinks. Whether you will be cooking all the dishes and snacks for the entire night or you’re planning to order everything, you must make sure you have food that your best friend will like. Even if you’re hosting it, remember this party is for her and not for you. It’s about her and everything she likes. As long as you keep that in mind, for sure, this party will be the best ever.